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Thread: Footwear when deadlifting

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    Footwear when deadlifting

    This is potentially one of those majoring in the minors type questions, but I'm curious to know what do people prefer footwear wise when deadlifting - and why? I'm considering wearing my AdiPower's for pulling again having pulled in socks for a few months.


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    Socks, slippers or very low profile shoes.

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    A pair of converse-type shoes. It feels like there's little more than a sheet of paper between me and the ground. They're fine but I'd prefer something that felt more solid, like my adidas squat shoes. However, I've put no effort into finding or creating something suitable.

    Anyone get their hands on the new Reebok Power shoe yet?

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    Why would you pull from any heel? Are you not simply increasingly the distance to lockout?

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    I use olympic shoes for deadlifting. helps me push my hips through as I find I can push through my heels rather than the mid foot position. it may be less than optimal for some but it seems to work for me. maybe I should drop back to my converse for a back to back test?

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    I am similar to matd, after a few years of trial and error, I found mechanically i felt better lifting from a deficit. So using oly shoes helps me replicate the tension I require to get a nice tight setup. I know there are certain injury risks with this, but I guess it's what allows you to lift the most weight.

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    I'm not sure about the injury risk - if you are able to get tighter with the shoes, wouldn't your risk of injury be lessened?

    Thanks for the responses. Would be good to hear from the RTS team about this.

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    I know I'm appealing to the majority (and authority) here but it's perhaps a valid talking point - Have you ever observed or know any top level Powerlifter that deadlifts in a heel in competition?

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    I have. One guy. Of course you'd have to define "top level", but he was a 700+ deadlifter at 275 or SHW.

    I don't usually recommend pulling with a heel. But that just means I don't recommend it. If you have a good reason and it makes sense to you... you're an intelligent grown up and you can make your own choices. If you've tried socks for a few months and you just simply pull more weight in a heel, then who cares about the rest. Just do it.

    BTW, I don't think footwear is majoring in the minors at all. It's a good question!

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    I deadlift in a chuck simply because I like them better than socks and I have never owned a different shoe for powerlifting. I'm looking into Mark Bell's new show as it is supposedly a chuck 2.0.

    However, my main training partner has horrible ankle mobility/issues. He squats in a heel, and used to pull in wrestling shoes. He recently switched to his heeled shoes citing ankle mobility as the reasoning.

    Don't know if this is helpful, but I thought I'd throw it out there.
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