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Thread: Footwear when deadlifting

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    Since I train at home, I usually deadlift conventional in socks, and (on occasion) sumo barefoot (floor surface feels a little slippery if I keep my socks). I'll wear chuck's in my rare gym sessions and that's what I'll wear for my first meet (their being black might give me an extra 5 lbs ). Thus far, I haven't seen any difference in strength between shoes and no shoes.

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    Anything flat that has good grip. Wrestling shoes, addidas old school tennis shoes (ala Ed Coan), slippers, etc. Sometimes if my pull is stalling or I'm far out from a meet, I'll just pull in sneakers or tennis shoes, then when I switch back to slippers or wrestling shoes it feels a ton stronger. Similar to doing beltless work and then putting on a belt. To each his own though, the most important thing, especially for sumo, is making sure you got a good grip on the floor otherwise you're in trouble.

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    I pull in hiking boots, with heavy duty orthotic inserts. I've had a lot of people tell me I can't pull that way. I dunno. A lot of those people end up pulling less than me in comps.

    When I got back into training in 2005, I pulled barefoot for quite a while. Then I started having a lot of issues with the feet / ankles, and it was just more comfortable to be in my boots. I'm at the point now where I could pull barefoot again in terms of pain and structural issues. When I try to do that, I feel very off balance and wobbly. I guess I'm used to the heel, and the thickness of the soles, and the ankle/foot support.

    I think there's a lot of "it depends" tied up with the answer to this question, and I'd say the most important variable is heel height. I'd also say that every lifter should experiment, and find out what works best. You might be surprised.

    Of course, don't start experimenting 2 weeks out from your meet. Off-season would the time to play around a bit.

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    Interesting session yesterday with lots of learning to take forward, but I had some success between the mess. Pulling in the Oly shoes certainly felt better, so I think I will stick with them for a while.
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    An old training partner of mine just had bad deadlift form. We worked pretty hard to make it right, but it just didn't look great. The we cycled some small deficit deadlifting off a 100# plate. All of a sudden it looked great. So, I told him to wear his work boots while deadlifting and while it wasn't as good as the plate pull, it was better than the floor pull.

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    I prefer to deadlift in converse but I know a lot of people prefer to use slippers or go barefoot

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