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Thread: New to RTS?

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    New to RTS?

    If you're new to RTS methods, first let me say welcome! We're here to help and glad to answer any questions you might have.

    We have a Beginning RTS articles section that will likely answer several of your questions. But if something isn't quite clicking with you, just post up and we'll help you out.

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    These articles helped improve my understanding of RTS quite a bit. I frequently direct other lifters here to learn about RPE and auto-regulation. Thanks for the posts!

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    Ok now that I have read the RTS manual and other literature about RTS, I have a few questions that may sound stupid but will really help me to get the ball rolling. Lets say I'm in a volume block and my training day calls for 6x3 @8-9, I get 2 sets in at an 8. My third set is a 9 with the same weight. I drop the weight to finish my sets within the prescribed RPE? and continue to drop weight as needed to stay in the same RPE range? Or should I just implement fatigue stops (Even though I have never used RPE)?

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    When you're just starting, drop the weight and do all your sets. But after a few weeks and you're comfortable with RPE, then you'll want to advance to Fatigue Stops. Also, don't be afraid to tailor the volume if needed. If six triples is too much, then do four or five triples instead.

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    I appreciate your response and advice very much. I'll be sure to do that, and in the long run be able to use all of the methods written in the manual.

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    I just barely joined and heard about RTS from Charles Staley. I am about to order the book, but was curious if the book gives recommendations to which lift to perform on certain days? Sorry, it's a dumb question I know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scubby View Post
    I just barely joined and heard about RTS from Charles Staley. I am about to order the book, but was curious if the book gives recommendations to which lift to perform on certain days? Sorry, it's a dumb question I know.
    It gives you a base 4 day/week split that is 2 upper and 2 lower days. If you look at Mike T's training blog however, you can see that he has transitioned into a fullbody training split. But like your question was asking, yes, it does. Keep in mind however, that this is just a general frame work and it's made for customization for you, how your body reacts to different training stimuli, and how you like to set up your programming.

    The general purpose of the program is to transition people into a higher frequency style of training, so if you are still a novice, this training program may not particularly be for you quite yet. Here is the link to Mike T's Generalized Intermediate Program that gives you the skeleton of a program that is a little more updated then what's in the book.


    If you feel that this program will work for you and maybe even used that general program for a couple months or some period of time, I will definitely recommend getting the book because it has a bunch of different tools that you can use to further customize your program and make your training even more optimal.

    I hope this helps!

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    That's exactly what I needed to know, thanks a ton DaneR! That was really helpful!

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    Hi all,

    I am new to RTS, both the forum and the training. I will run the GI program to start with. Currently I have been running Candito's 6 week program a few times, and also Bryce Lewis' intermidiate program. Both 4 days per week.

    Lately my strength has dropped of quite significantly in the gym. My diet is pretty good, and consume maintenance calories or slight surplus. For the last year I have been training at 5:30 am as that is the only time I can get my workout done. I have always consumed strong coffee before the workout, and sometimes have a breakfast drink, like a Fuel 10K liquid breakfast.

    I usually get 7 hours sleep per night, and everything I have mentioned above has been consistent.

    I class my self as at intermediate strength level. Current maxes are;
    Squat - 180kg
    Bench - 150kg
    Deadlift - 240kg

    Bodyweight is currently 98kg

    But as I said, my strength has decreased last few weeks, and I have been feeling very fatigued and drained both in the gym and during the day. Have had no pains or injuries but I have been feeling more sore than usual.

    Why question is do I take a week off to fully recover before starting the GI program? I know Mike rarely prescribes a week off.

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    Hi, I'm Ann and I'm new here..
    I'm quite shy. nice to meet you all

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