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Thread: My Training Program

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    My Training Program

    Hello, i read mikes article "all about volume " link here http://forum.reactivetrainingsystems...l-About-Volume. and i have applied what he said about 6 pushing movements for bench, 3 for squat, and 3 for deadlift for my program.

    here it is. what do u guys think? thanks guys :)

    btw, I'm new to the RTS training system. so if you guys see any faults please let me know :)

    -Competition SQ x3 @9 load drop 5-7% fatigue
    -Deficit snatch grip DL x4 @9 load drop 5-7% fatigue
    -rows 8-10x3
    -Reverse Hyper extensions
    weighted abs 10x3


    -touch and go bench x3 @9 load drop 5-7% fatigue
    -3s pause close grip bench x4 @9 load drop 5-7% fatigue
    -stiff leg deadlift x5 @9 load drop 5-7% fatigue
    -dips 8-10x3

    -front squat x3 @9 load drop 5-7% fatigue
    -inclined close grip x4 @9 load drop 5-7% fatigue


    -Competition deadlift (conventional) x3 @9 load drop 5-7% fatigue
    -pause squat x4 @9 load drop 5-7% fatigue
    -latpulldowns 8-10x3
    -abs 15x3
    -3s pause competition bench x3 @9 load drop 5-7% fatigue
    -1s pause close grip bench x4 @9 load drop 5-7% fatigue
    -face pulls 10-15x3

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    Just a couple of things that came to my mind while reading. Maybe others will think differently, but I guess that is why we are on a forum discussing

    You want to add volume, right? Are you going to choose the lower end or higher end of the %-range? If you choose the lower end, it´ll be the 30% as mentioned in Mikes article, otherwise it´ll be pretty high stress. Is this one training week only or are you thinking of doing this for a while? The reason to why I ask this is because you work relatively close to your maximum weight in comparison to what I would choose for a volume block. Mostly 3-4 reps @9 is pretty high intensity and something I wouldnt do for a longer period of time. I am just saying that if volume is your main goal for now, I would go for 5s and 6s and even higher in the supplement movements, to begin with, and then continue further on to lower volume and higher intensity as the reps decreases.

    What have you done before this program?

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    1)yes, i am trying to increase volume, and interested in doing a volume block but don't know how and don't know how long i should do it

    2)well for the past 4 months i have been doing west sides conjugate method but then i decided that i wanted to try some new things then i saw mike T's vids!

    and yeah i have never tried playing around with volume.

    3) when it comes to %, ill pick the lower end like you said.

    4) this is just a sample, probably will do it for 4-5 weeks? or is that wrong lol

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    The problem is, that for a volume block the intensity is pretty high. I believe Mike recommends 80-85% as the highest average weekly intensity in a volume block(correct if I'm wrong on this) so you would propably be better off choosing reps that varies from 70 - 85% instead(that would be from 7-3 reps at 9RPE according to the chart in the manual). A guide idea might be to vary the average weekly intensity from week to week in your block(Week 1: 75 %, week 2: 80 %, week 3: 85 %, week 4: 80%) and choose your reps accordingly.

    The manual suggests a block length of 3 weeks, but thats not carved in stone - if you want to do 4 or 5 weeks you can do that, just follow up with an intensity block.

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    thanks man
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    so for a simple example :

    volume block
    week 1 - squats x5-6 @9

    week 2 - squats x5-6 @9 (try to do better)

    week 2 - squats x5-6 @9 (try to do better)

    intensity block

    week 3 - squats x2-3 @9

    week 4 - squats x2-3 @9 ( try to do better)

    week 5 - squats x1-3 @9 ( try to do better)

    something like that?
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    You could do that. I would pick a single number of reps though, since the RPE's allow you to autoregulate anyway, and vary the reps from week to week instead depending on the the planned intensity.

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    Hi Clark (I'm going out on a limb here by assuming your name is Clark and not Drank or Milk...). I'd suggest that you introduce yourself in the Introduce Yourself thread: http://forum.reactivetrainingsystems...oduce-Yourself. What you outline there about your training history and current goals can help others to better help you with your training/programming problems.

    I would suggest thinking through a few things to help setup your training. The routine you outlined would seem to suggest that you are a powerlifter, or at least on your way down that route. As per the Reactive Training Manual (or many of the articles and threads around here), try to setup a structure to your training rather than a rigid plan.

    You can start with three slots each for Squats and Deadlifts: Primary, Secondary and Supplemental. You’ll also have three slots each for Primary Bench and Secondary Bench: Main, Assistance and Supplemental. What are the exercises you’ll use in each of these slots? You don’t need to stick with just one. Why are you choosing those exercises? What are the weaker parts of your lifts? You might choose a range of assistance and supplemental work for each lift that you can rotate. Perhaps you might use two Deadlift Secondary movements that focus on the bottom end of the lift and one that focuses on the top end? You could rotate through those three movements in whatever fashion you think suits your situation best. There’s a thread on Favourite Special Exercises and an article Generalised Intermediate Program that might give you a few ideas.

    You can also very the rep ranges that you use throughout your various blocks. You might use 3 – 6 reps for your Primary Squat movement during the volume/developmental block with an emphasis on 4 & 5 reps, or whatever range you think will best meet your particular needs.

    You don’t need to figure it all out in the next couple of months, just try to learn from what you implement, tweak it a little and see what happens, and learn some more. Good luck with experimenting.
    Mark Dowling

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    awesome thoughts man will do!!

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