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Thread: 6 Week Meet Prep Cycle

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    6 Week Meet Prep Cycle

    Hey everyone, I finished the RTS GIP 6 weeks ago, then did a 4 week volume block before vacation.
    For the 4 week volume block i changed my Deadlift form from Sumo to Conv., because itīs so weak (Sumo PR 210kg, Conv. ~170kg). At the end of the block i tryed to pull 190kg sumostyle and got 6 reps, which is a huge PR for me, so i think working my posterior chain really benefits my sumo Deadlift.
    Now I created a RTS Cylce for my upcoming meet in October.
    I will compete RAW w/Wraps. My weaknesses in the Squat is 1/3 up from the bottom, same for Bench. In the Deadlift itīs rigth off the floor.

    RTS COMP PREP.xlsx

    I am not really sure about the Fatigue %, Fatiguetype and RPE, i think i will just do @9 (Load Drop) 4-6% Fatigue
    I look forward to hearing some critique about what Iīve outlined above.
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