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    3 Day Template

    3 Day Off Season Template
    I am looking for some feedback on a 3 day template. Currently I am coming off of a glute injury that has taken me two years to rehabilitate. Of course, my squat and deadlift are in need of serious attention. This is more of an “off season” program. I plan to flip/flop volume and intensity phases over 3 week block for a 12 week duration. The volume block rep range will be 4-6 and the intensity block 1-3. Below are the templates.

    Week 1

    Day 1
    1. Primary Squat- Competition Squat
    2. Primary Bench Main- Competition Bench
    3. Primary Bench Supplement- Standing Military Press

    Day 2
    1. Secondary Bench Main- Touch and Go Bench
    2. Primary Deadlift- Competition Deadlift
    3. Secondary Bench Supplement- Close Grip Bench Press/Close Grip Floor Press(Flip Each Week)
    4. Secondary Squat- Front Squat /Pause Squat (Flip Each Week)

    Day 3
    1. Secondary Squat- (Anderson Squat or Pause Squat)
    2. Primary Bench Assist/Secondary Bench Assist (Flip Each Week)- 3 ct pause bench/Slingshot Paused
    3. Deadlift Supplement/Secondary Deadlift (Flip Each Week)- Bent Over Barbell Rows/Sumo Deadlift

    I plan to keep most of the fatigue around 4-6%, however I will throw 2-3 6-9% weeks in. My main concerns are the following:
    1. Since I really need to frequency and volume on squat and deadlifts should I drop the barbell rows every other week and substitute stiff leg deadlifts or defecit pulls, while moving the rows to an “extra” day if I have time?
    2. I am toying with the idea of moving the “Secondary” Squat to Day 1 after the Primary Bench Supplement. Usually Day 1 is on Sunday and I have more time to lift then rather than during the week. Any suggestions?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Personally, I do all my rows on off days, if you can call them that. Whatever you think is best for you is probably the right choice. When you want to do your secondary squat is up to you, if you have a day off between days 1 and 2 you should be fine. And you might be better off keeping the reps a bit higher for now. If you are just getting back into this you don't want another glute inury, 4-6 sounds more reasonable. You can go heavier with bench but don't go all out on squat and deadlift just yet.

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