I just got an LPT device (GymAware) and was thinking it would be good to get everyone's personal experience using them.

My plans are to use it as a tool to determine more objective RPEs.

I did come across the following article "Effect of Different Pushing Speeds on Bench Press". Reading the cliff-notes it mentions stopping a set when there is a 20% drop off from the peak velocity of the set, this resulted in greater 1RM increase than the control group (sets to failure), whilst also accumulating less volume than the control group (?possible greater potential/room for future strength adaptation). Thoughts? (NB I haven't read the full article yet).

Back on point, I'm thinking of correlating RPE/%1RM with either "Mean Velocity" (eg. 9RPE may equate to 0.3m/s) or "Mean Power" . Not sure which would be a greater indicator of overall fatigue/stress. Thoughts?

Effect of Different Pushing Speeds on Bench Press.pdf