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Thread: 6 Sessions / Week, ~1h Sessions

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    6 Sessions / Week, ~1h Sessions

    I don't have any issue with going to the gym almost every day, my main problem is the time each session takes. I workout in the morning before work and I have ~1h available. How would you suggest to place the different slots?

    Currently I'm running this template:
    Squat Supplement
    Bench Supplement
    Rows (GPP)

    Deadlift Supplement
    2nd Bench Supplement
    Side Raises (GPP)

    Squat Assistance
    Bench Assistance
    Curls (GPP)

    Deadlift Assistance
    2nd Bench Assistance
    GPP: Rows

    Squat Primary
    Bench Primary
    Side Raises (GPP)

    Saturday (could spend more time here)
    Deadlift Primary
    2nd Bench Primary
    Curls (GPP)

    If I'm running out of time I drop the GPP slot for that day.

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    I'm doing the exact same thing but 5 days, it's an intensity block so I dropped 2 slots. I don't get through it in an hour though. On Monday I was all pumped up and felt like I flew through everything, but it still took me about 1 1/2 hours. Maybe I'm slow, but I prefer to get some good work in rather than rush.

    I would drop at least one each of the curls and side raises. Unless you have a good reason then I don't see why they should be done at all. Maybe I'm prejudiced. I used to do a lot of side raises because I had some shoulder issues, but I don't think there is a good excuse for a powerlifter to do curls. Do some ab work, rotator cuff work, and TKE's. And why not chin ups instead of rows one day?

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    The GPP slots are there as fillers for those days when I have the time. As for abs, I'll be adding them with the same priority as rows. As for TKE and mobility work, I do these every break at work and before bed. So TKE and external rotations are done once every day +1 on the chin ups!

    What about maybe finish the Saturday session with 15min of cycle sprints? Seems like a good place since I have a rest day on Sunday.

    I'm also curious about the primary, assistance & supplemental order of the slots. but it might not matter that much. I might switch supplemental with primary after 3-4 weeks of this.

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    It sounds like you have GPP under control for the most part. Just make sure it doesn't interfere with recovery, I was doing 2 GPP days a week for a while but changed things because it was contributing to fatigue. Conditioning of Saturday sounds good to me.

    For raw lifters it usually goes like this:
    Primary-Main lifts/T&G bench instead of lockout primary

    Assistance: close variations

    Supplement: mostly for hypertrophy on muscle groups that don't get enough from main lifts or to correct technical errors
    squat: ssb/front/tempo/beltless/pause
    bench - triceps and shoulders: military/push press, incline, close grip incline (kills 2 birds with one stone), close grip variations, JM press
    deadlift: SLDL/GM variations, heavy rows

    For equipped lifters the primary lifts would be something that builds the main lifts since you probably don't want to train in gear every day year-round.

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