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Thread: High hamstring tendinopathy

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    High hamstring tendinopathy

    I have developed high hamstring tendinopathy (confirmed by MRI) and the injury is very persistent to say the least.

    I had it checked out by a sports orthopedist and have undergone various treatments (RICE, NSAID, Cortisone systemically, cross friction massage...) but none of that has helped. (cortisone gave me 99% improvement but the pain returned immediately after the dose went down again)

    I have been resting from any form of lower body training for 3,5 months now and have received 4/5 injections of platelet rich plasma, which is growth factors from your own thrombocytes, so far which has finally helped my injury improve some.

    Furthermore I was prescribed with eccentric hamstring training as a form of physiotherapy, which I am doing every day. I do some foam rolling on my lower body as well.

    Has anyone else here had this injury (I read on Mr. Tuchscherer's log that he had to deal with it as well), what did you do to return to powerlifting again and how long did it take for you to heal up again?

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    Unfortunately outcomes with this tendinopathy aren't great relative to other tendinopathies.

    Get your glutes firing and forget you have hamstrings except when doing:

    Eccentrics. Good idea. But how are you doing them? You need to be very patient here.

    I would also not do the foam rolling or any other manual therapy without specific instructions from a PT because you could easily make it worse.

    Good luck!

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    I have zero to contribute, have no experience with it or knowledge, BUT... I'm a pretty decent googler... which basically means I am an expert on EVERYTHING.

    You've probably already come across this, but just in case: This looks pretty thorough. Maybe it's useless to you, maybe not. Either way, best of luck on your road to recovery.

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    Thanks for your replies so far!
    I do my eccentrics using a glute ham raise, lying leg curl machine or using a swiss ball (for swiss ball curls). Those are the variants I was instructed to do by my physiotherapist.
    The volume he prescribed seems to be quite high though (8 sets of 15 every day...)

    I already read the article but it definitely is a good one.

    Just in case anyone needs some help I think this is a very good article series on this injury as well:

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