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Thread: RPE deflection

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    RPE deflection

    Hi everybody,

    i am an intermediate lifter. One and a half weeks ago i started the generalized intermediate program of Mike Tuchschere. Before that, I trained with the 3-Day program of Boris Sheiko. I have one question regarding RPE's. Today i was supposed to work up to an RPE of @9 for four reps on squats. The prescribed load of 86 % of my one rep max was 133 KG. First of all I did my set with 132 KG of squat, than i realized that it was not an RPE of 9 so i kept going on. I tried to Squat 137KG and 140KG for four reps, but I only reached an RPE of 8-8,5. How is it possible to be able to squat way more weight than prescribed ?

    My maxes after the Sheiko routine were:

    155 KG Squat
    110 KG Bench
    222,5 KG Deadlift

    at 91 KG bodyweight

    Many thanks in advance
    Manuel Devall

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    Could be multiple things... some people can do more reps at a higher % 1RM than others and vice versa. The RPE to % chart is only a rough guideline. If you have very recent rep maxes in several ranges (1, 5, 10 or 2, 4, 8 for example) then you should make your own chart. Could also be that you're just not used to rated RPEs yet... or you had a really good day... or you just came off Sheiko and the high volume had accumulated fatigue which was masking your actual fitness. Whatever the case, that's the point of learning to use RPE. Some days are better, some are worse. On better days you end up doing more than you thought you were able, on worse days you end up doing less. Win win.

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    Thank you so much for this quick answere.

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