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Thread: 3 day plan for a coach/teacher

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    3 day plan for a coach/teacher

    I'm new to the forum but would appreciate any advice from anyone who can help me out. I'm just now getting back into powerlifting as I have been out of it a while. I am a coach and teacher in Texas so life can get a little busy at times, not to mention 4 kids that are 7,6,4 and 3 years old, and I'm going back to school online to become a principal. I have to train on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday. I want to be able to take the Norwegian approach where every session I do either the comp lift or a variation. The reason is if life gets busy and I do miss a session at least I know I've hit all 3 lifts. For example if I lift on Saturday and for some reason can't lift again until Wednesday. I don't want to abandon any of the lifts if I were to schedule bench on Saturday and then couldn't lift again until Wednesday I feel like some detraining might happen. If anyone has any advice you can give me I would appreciate it. I'm just an older guy(42) looking to hopefully compete again one day. Thanks

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    Since you're looking into the Norwegian approach of training, take a look at the programs here (with google translate):
    You could easily use the basic templates with autoregulation methods if that's what you have in mind.

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    I am teach/coach as well and I train on Sat, Sun, and Wed. I bench/squat on Sat, deadlift on Sun, and hit a second day of light squats/bench on Wed. I hit accessories on those days as time allows. It has worked well for me so far. I done more workouts during the week last year and would always be thinking about my workout during practice or would be pissed if I was really tired and struggled to get the scheduled weights. Doing my heavy lifts on the weekend has helped me get past that.

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    To support the coach in this process, a 3 day Professional Learning Program was ... and probing questions Developing a coaching plan The coach undertook a ... observer and/or supporter) while sometimes teaching in the school as part

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