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Thread: Knee pain during Sumo Deadlifts

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    Knee pain during Sumo Deadlifts

    Hi everyone,

    I have been working on my sumo technique lately, to keep my spine more straight. Unfortunately i am experiencing some knee pain on my right kneecap, therefor I am not able to keep the bar close to my shins.

    Does somebody have any experience with this kind of issue ?

    Thank you very much in advance
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    Do your knees stay in line with your toes? Knees coming in on a sumo deadlift will probably hurt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris_ottawa View Post
    Do your knees stay in line with your toes? Knees coming in on a sumo deadlift will probably hurt.
    yes, they stay in line with my toes

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    Take a look at this video with Chris Duffin:
    If you have a foam roller and some kind of blunt object (theracane would work well) you could do the same sort of thing. I have had some knee issues in the past (not related to lifting, squatting actually seemed to help) and I did similar stuff. Bulgarian split squats for high reps can help as well.

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    I've experienced the same issue - although I made sure my form is perfect and all that. In the end, my trainer and I were able to conclude that I was just not doing enough stretches which caused pain on my knees.

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    I recently swapped to a wider stance in sumo as well and experienced medial knee pain. I figured it was because my adductors were so tight and fixing that has removed any knee pain. It doesn't take much: put your leg up on a bench and stretch for about 30-60 seconds. After this do some sort of adductor activating exercise... one of my personal favorites is to be on your hands and knees (toes pulled towards you) with a band attached to one leg. Straighten out that leg behind you at about 30 degrees outside of your body then, keeping that leg locked, drag it across the floor then up and over your other leg (which should still be at 90 degrees with the knee planted) and repeat for reps. Do this before deadlifting and also you can try narrowing out your stance and pointing your toes straighter while you gradually grow more accustomed to the sumo position.

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    Try using knee wraps. It is normal to experience knee pain after deadlift. Your knee might not be strong enough to handle the weight that you are lifting.

    My boyfriend also has experienced knee pain after the sumo deadlifts. He had to undergo a pain relief treatment from Oakville to ease the pain.

    The treatment was really effective and the pain was gone really fast.

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    Both of your feet are flat but the left has a slight curve. You seem to have more torque on your left side. This can be coming from hip/glute engagement on one side but not on the other. It makes sense that the flat foot would cause the knee pain. Lower the weight and start screwing your feet into the ground - knees out cue - and build back up in weight (obviously stop if you feel knee pain). This has to come from engaging the glutes, your entire body needs to be rigid. From there it's just how you place the weight.

    Another thing could be a lack of hamstring strength. Sumo deadlifts will work the quads more than the hamstrings. You don't want an imbalance.

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    I experience foot pain pretty constantly and have struggled to find shoes that would help me alleviate the pain. Well, i have to say that I have found them. They fit well. They have reduced my heel pain as well as my fasciitis symptoms. I can walk much easier and longer now . So happy I got these shoes! orthofeet do the job!

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    You want to make sure your tibias are exactly perpendicular with the ground, this is something that Bryce of calgary barbell talks about a lot. I would try that and see if it doesn't help

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