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Thread: So...what's everyone up to these days?

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    I personally like Chad's championship program better. I will admit, I haven't ran either verbatim, but I do incorporate Chad's ideas/methodologies and have typically enjoyed training most (honestly, that's most important to me--I'm nowhere near an advanced or intermediate level where I need to care about finite details) when I use his methods. Chad is an elite level powerlifter who trains powerlifters which I think says a lot. Mike, from my understanding, admits that he is neither a powerlifter, nor did he reach a very high level in the sport when he was. It's not that that is the end-all, or that his program won't/doesn't work, or isn't good, it's just probably not what most powerlifters expect from a powerlifting program.
    I would recommend running the programs as they are in the book before making any changes. They work!!!!

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    But anyway, glad to hear you're slowly making your way back to lifting! Good luck

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    all you need is a great training)))))
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