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Thread: Mike Isreatel, RP, MRV concept for Strength

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    Mike Isreatel, RP, MRV concept for Strength

    I have seen Mike discuss the hypertrophy concept using the MRV overload principle in some detail but only briefly Ive seen the strength concept. Im hoping somebody/ies can share how they have programed using the MRV principle for strength.
    Myself I set up a RTS styled template (~12 slots 6 Pressing + 3 Squat + 3 Deadlift), using a sq and bench slot as examples. First Micro was ramping up to find MRV. Also I wanted to work in number of lifts (NOL) if I started failing reps in sets to maintain volume (training goal was set with reps i.e. 4x5=20 reps) otherwise volume would drop and I wonder if MRV would be reached.
    BE 4x5
    WK1 4x5x105
    WK2 4x5x107.5
    Wk3 4x5x110 @ RPE10 (Possibly MRV)
    WK 4 DeLD
    M2 Wk5 4x5x110 (felt OK)
    WK6 4x5x112.5 @RPE10
    WK7,x115 (is this MRV, probably not for MRV I should expect a larger delta of reps reduction due to fatigue??)
    WK8 DeLD
    Wk9 4x5x111 (think I missed this session)
    WK10 5,5,5,4,1x111 @RPE10 (thinking Im passed MRV)
    WK11 5,5,5,4,1 x115 (better than M2)
    So I was a bit lost upon the final weeks in the micros but think I found my MRV. On my next run Ill use 115kg as a MRV bench mark.
    WK1 3x5x170
    WK2 3x5x177.5
    Wk3 3x5x185
    WK 4 DeLD
    Wk5 3x5x190
    WK6 5,5,4,1x195
    WK7 3x5x200 WK8 DeLD
    Wk9 3x5x195
    WK10 5,5,4,1x197.5
    WK11 5,5,5,4,1 x205
    I could have done with another micro using this data. I guess you end up through the MICRO like:
    Wk1: MEV - Min Eff Vol,
    WK2:MAV - Max adaptive Vol
    WK3; MRV max recoverable volume
    WK4; DeLDF,
    Is this the correct rout that Mike intends? Any thoughts are welcome?

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    Its the same thing for strength, just you won't be able to do as many sets. Watch this:

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris_ottawa View Post
    Its the same thing for strength, just you won't be able to do as many sets. Watch this:
    Thanks Chris, I had seen this before.

    So you keep adding weight until you have a large drop in reps, in my example ~I went from 5,5,5 to 4,4,3 this probably is not a failure of recovery but just to heavy, I would think the following week I would see a failure of recovery and a larger drop. This was my first block trying to find the MRV which I didn’t really get to until the end of the block so the next block will yield a better understanding.

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    Don't obsess too much over small details, as long as you are training hard and getting stronger then you are doing something right. If you start to burn out (feeling fatigued and performance dropping) after 3+ weeks then it's time to deload. MRV is not a static value, outside stresses, sleep, nutrition, etc., all affect it. Going by number of lifts rather than number of sets is a good way to program a strength-focused training phase if you include a lot of low RPE work, but it's not really relevant to a hypertrophy block because (for example) x7@9 and x9@8 are going to produce similar levels of stress, a rep or two doesn't really make a difference at that point.

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