Hi everybody First, sorry for my English, I'm writing from Poland..not too big country in the middle of Europe I'm 47 years old, and have right hip degeneration...but i can squat and deadlift. So f..k the degeneration. I'm intrested in RTS, altough in my country it's not very popular philosophy of training...yet. Personally I'm week and have no predisposition to lifting, but I like it My best squat is 115 kg (255lbs), bencj 110 kg (245lbs) and deadlift 170 kg (374lbs) in 93 (205lbs) bodywieght. I tried to understand RTS, and created a program..

Bench x 5 @8 to 9 (4 sets usually)
Bench witch bands :close x 8
middle x 8
normall grip x 8
Squat: up to 3 @9 5% load drop
Kroc row x 20-25

Wednesday :
military press up to 8 @9 5% load drop
power clean like warm-up for deadlift
deadlift up to 3 @9 5%load drop

bench press up to 2@8-9
soto press 4 sets x 6 reps
Front squat up to 8 @7 8-9

Does it have sense? And, most bothering me question, how and when to progress? When, let's say my squat x 3 @9 becomes @8? And..when to use 4-6% fatique, and when 6-9? There are some rules? Thanks for reply