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Thread: RTS and Strongman

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    RTS and Strongman

    Hi guys,
    I'm a novice strongman and I'm trying to design my own program while keeping in mind the RTS principles.

    I've done a quick research and I didn't find anything about strongman programming, effective periodization or anything related to the different aspects of training.

    Is there someone who had or is having experience RTS+Strongman? What kind of approach are you using?

    Thanks a lot and enjoy your training.

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    Hi Kabderus,

    I've been using the RTS style for a while now with strongman training, I use a the powerlifting style during the off-season but substitute the bench for an overhead press variation (log, strict press etc).

    I really love to speak to more people who have implanted this as I can't find anyone commenting on it and so I've hard to work through quite a bit of trial and error.

    With regards to exercise selection, things don't have to be too far from RTS in the way Mike outlines exercises as in primary, secondary, complementary etc. We have a more varied exercise selection and competition lifts but you'll know your programme anywhere from 8 -16 weeks out (when comp lifts are released) and so training exercises are essentially chosen for you.

    With no comp exercise list I use a basic setup of primary exercise/event (normally a weakness, for me the log Press), secondary strength exercise or event and complementary exercise/event strength or something that doesn't beat you up such as carrying, arm over arm sled pulls/drags etc.

    Noramally, Yoke and stones are done at the end of a session unless yoke us the only exercise being train, as it's quite intense, you're always going to do the stones last in a comp so Works well for me and I can't get to ambitious ��, I make sure not to deadlift on this day though, if you do an upper/lower split, stones can be trained on upper days to save your lower back.

    Without knowing your schedule i.e. Weekend strongman training or multiple day per week training, what equipment you have access to it's hard to comment on RPE's and a more in depth outline for training.

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