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Thread: is there a way to threat the OHP with the same respect as the bench press?

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    is there a way to threat the OHP with the same respect as the bench press?

    im currently running the template, more or less outlined in the rts manual.

    22 y/o
    90kg Bodyweight
    Personal Bests
    220kg x1 Deadlift
    170kg x1 Squat
    117,5kg x1 Bench Press
    and just 70kg x1 Overhead Press

    Now i want to start to improve my Overheadpress, because my next competition is planned for the end of 2018, so i have alot of time. And i think there is nothing more manlier than press a ton over your head...
    So i want to treat the Overheadpress like the bench press

    The idea behind this is, that the high volume exercises, like pause lifts, are at the beginning of the weak, and the heavy comp lifts are at the end (like its outlined in the texas method)

    Mo: here i thought about x5@8-9
    Pause Squats (Sq Assist)
    Pause Deadlifts (Dl Assist)
    Belt Squats or Leg Press (Sq Supplement)~4-5x8-10

    Tue: the same Reps/RPE as yesterday
    TnG Bench
    Overhead Press from Pins
    Paused Bench~4-5x8-10

    Thu: here x3 or maybe x5 @10
    Deadlift (deadlift second, because i dont like to squat after heavy deadlifts...)
    Rows (Deadlift Supplement)~4-5x8-10

    Fri: the same as yesterday
    Competition Bench Press
    Overhead Press
    Dips ~4-5x8-10

    what do you guys think?
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    Pretty solid. Maybe add some Arnold Dumbbell Press sets

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