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Thread: Moving up weight class

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    Moving up weight class


    I'm a new competitive powerlifter, just done my first competition.
    Junior, 100kg weight class, 522.5 total.
    Height is 192cm.
    Usually Im walking around 104kg, I've cutted 1kg prior to the meet and succesfully water cut 4kg.
    Now I'm preparing to my next meet in 4 months.

    I was wondering if I should try to stay around the same weight and maximum add about 0.5kg to stay at the 100kg class, as I cant really add that much muscle mass(Began training 4 years ago for bodybuilding purpose, pretty muscular). and in 110kg they will crush me lol. And of couse that I have a lot more room to get stronger even without adding weight.

    Or should I say f*** it and be much less competitive in my next meet with bodyweight of about 106kg, but getting stronger than I could if I stay the same bodyweight.

    It's obvious for me that in the long run I should move up, but I have just 4 month and cant really add that much muscle mass until the meet.


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    When To Move Up A Weight Class | PowerliftingToWin

    hope it helps have a nice day.

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    I think if you're hyper competitive it might make sense to restrict your caloric intake and drop a weight class, otherwise i would just eat and gain weight classes naturally as you progress. When it comes to an elite wilks, all of the top guys are very heavy relative to their weight though so if your long term goals are maximum strength i would keep that in mind.

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