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    Training App

    It looks awesome, but I cant figure out how to use it. Are there instructions anywhere to help an old guy figure it out?
    Thanks for any help.

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    Never mind, it looks like this place is Deadsville.

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    Best Workout Apps 2018 Free Fitness, Exercise Routines - Refinery29 › ... › Health › Health Trends › Trend Tracker

    hope it helps

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    Go to the calendar central site, there is a button "add workout. Date and Name can be changed. Then choose the exercice, ist grip and tempo or whatever, then click the green "continue" button down on the right side. Here you can choose number of sets, type weight load and reps and RPE you want to do, type what you did during your workout at the left side. Copy strings whith the green button in between. Click save and continue to go to the next exercise, save and Exit when you're done. Up on the left on every field of every exercise are Buttons. You can calculate your load there. The app saves your estimated 1RM for every exercise you've done and saved, you can calculate your load with RPE and percentages and everything.
    Much to click at but works fine once you're used to it!
    The TRAC Thing is also really helpful.

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