With 2K's latest game now available, did Hoodie Melo make the cut?

Cutting straight to the chase, Hoodie Melo is not in the Buy NBA 2K MT Coins game, but you'll certainly want him. Searching on the internet, you'll probably see Bleacher Report's troll video of unleashing Hoodie Melo mid-match, which aided the Knicks win 97-35 against the Golden State Warriors. Before Hoodie Melo got "unlocked" in Bleacher Report's movie, the Knicks were behind 30-35, meaning he prevented the Warriors out of making one shot. 2K Sports also hopped on Hoodie Melo's popularity back then, saying he would have a 98 overall score in NBA 2K18 if they added him, making Hoodie Melo that the best player in the league alongside Smiling Kawhi Leonard. In contrast, the regular Melo only comes with an 84 overall evaluation in NBA 2K18.

At the moment, Hoodie Melo is nowhere to be found in NBA 2K18, unless he's a secret unlockable character. We also tried playing a couple Blacktop matches with NBA 2K19 MT, but he wore either a white or black shirt at the game. Also, Melo overlooks shots in Blacktop.