Ever since December Iíve had a pain in the center of my glute when squatting or deadlifting. It feels sort of like a twinge in one of the muscles and itís usually at lockouts, the starts of deadlifts, and the bottom of squats. At first I thought it might have just been a tweak in one of my muscles. I took a week or two off and it didnít get better. I decided to take the months of January and February off from squats and deadlifts. In addition to this I started doing a lot of stretching, foam rolling, icing, and even using the electro shock pad things. Iíve stopped doing the foam rolling because I feel like it only makes it worse and the shock pads seem like they do nothing. After taking a lot of time off it did get better. I was able to lift heavily without pain for about a month and a half. However, the pain is starting to come back.

Iím starting to think that stretching is making it worse and the pain is comin back with each workout. Iíve done some research and have a few theories on what it could be.

I was thinking possibly piriformis syndrome at first but after taking some time off and doing the piriformis stretch a lot Iím starting to think itís not that. Another thing it could be is ischial bursitis or tendinitis. Also, I was thinking it couldíve just been a tweak at first but through over stretching it I made it worse.

Another thing I just recently noticed is a bruise where the pain usually occurs. I walk a good amount everyday so that shouldnít be a problem either. This is so frustrating so if anyone has any possible solutions please help me.
P.S. I forgot to include this but my form is pretty good for both lifts.