Then we have Bestiary. Bestiary is, basically, Pokémon league. You go out and find rare beasts, get them to low health, then throw a net to capture them. Once you’ve captured the beasts you can sacrifice them to create or modify items. Okay, not quite Pokémon. There are a few incredibly rare beasts that you will find randomly which upon capture allow you to face off against one of the four ‘final bosses’ of Bestiary. But for the most part, the captured beasts go towards general crafting. Just make sure that you have more than enough PoE buy Items, you may have great success in PoE.

So what is the hubbub about? Basically, Bestiary isn’t well implemented. Stopping your map to capture a beast is tedious, and for some builds impossible. Ever tried to stop Specters from killing something? Lower DPS builds had just as much issue, since you have to kill the beast within three seconds of throwing the net. Fast builds simply don’t want to stop to figure out where the beast is and throw a net. Virtually no build wants to actually deal with the beasts properly.

Even if you do want to deal with the beasts, figuring out which one you need is incredibly difficult. You don’t even see recipes where you are missing more than one piece, and if you do see a recipe there’s no indication of where to find the beast you’re missing. For the most part, you either wander around blindly or are forced to go to external sources.

If you manage to get through all of that without losing your mind, your final result is incredibly average. Most of the beastcraft recipes simply aren’t worth the time, and using the altar itself is yet another pain. Forget the fact that you have to kill the beasts again when you want to use them in a recipe. No, no loot or experience, just a tedious fight you’ve already done.

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