Is Ascendant slayer "Life Leech effects are not removed at Full Life" intended to last less than the normal slayer ? or is it bugged? You probably don't have a large damage per hit x leech percentage value. I've played Ascendant Slayer where I can get up and make a drink and come back and my leech is still sustaining RF.

It doesnt work differently and it isnt bugged, the most likely explanation is that you dont have slayers 20% of overkill dmg leeched as life, it often results in leech that keeps up for a long time. Moreover, you can still get PoE Trade Currency from us now, and we will offer you PoE guides and tips.

After you got really high damage and decent life leech% you wont notice any difference anymore (Assumed you use a skill with decentish per hit damage, you shoudnt be surprised if barrage+gmp leech only last a few seconds, even if you do 400k dps with all projectiles.)

When you first start out it feels terrible compared to Duelist Slayer leech, with low damage it won't last more than a couple of seconds. Once you get going with better gear it will last longer but in my experience not as long as duelist slayer. If you plan on doing lab runs the worm flask will sustain duelist slayer through traps, as scion slayer it will not. We have offered POE Orbs buy at the lowest prices online and you guys have loved it!

Duration of leech stacks | high damage per hit & high % of damage leeched as life quickly reach the leech cap | % increased leech rate. Leech a lot of life per second | % of maximum life per second to maximum leech rate.The key for slayer having longer-lasting overleech is that he leeches a hefty 20% of the overkill damage. non-slayer chars typically only leech 2-4% of their damage.