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Thread: Does TRAC replace the need for autoregulation?..

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    Does TRAC replace the need for autoregulation?..

    brudman wrote:
    The background of my question is that I have been training using RTS principles, have been making gains, and have been right in the sweet spot in TRAC. To be specific, I have continuously received the "continue as prescribed" and occasionally "add more volume".

    My question is more theoretical than pragmatic, but wouldn't I be able to add volume/stress without autoregulation, thus following the prompts of TRAC therefore training optimally in any program?

    Curious as to what you think.

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    Mike Tuchscherer wrote:
    Funny you bring this up. I've been wondering the same thing. The short answer is that I don't know. But it's something I've just begun toying with in my own training. It's not easy and it's going to take some tweaking to get it right.

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    Mike Gourley wrote:
    It might also be possible you're always in TRAC's good graces (don't get her mad) because of autoregulation and your ability to shut it down when you've hit your FP, making sure you're don't go too crazy and pop your stress level up. Granted, after a while you could probably predict how many sets it takes to get you any given FP based on past history.

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    brudman wrote:
    Yep. The past few weeks I have actually followed TRAC's recommendation in favor of autoreg. So if I'm squatting x4@9, and I get to @9 on my fatigue drop sets, I still do one more than I normally do. This usually returns me to "you are processing your training loads correctly".

    This is obviously because there is human error in my RPE assessment and possibly some error in the fact that I began TRAC with no control (i.e.: I had been training for a while) so it is benchmarking against a trained "me" as opposed to a 100% recovered me.


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