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Thread: Crackling Knees Article

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    Crackling Knees Article

    TheCoast83 wrote:
    This is in regards to the following article: http://www.reactivetrainingsystems.c...rackling-knees

    If I wanted to focus on bringing up my Vastus Lateralis and still continue my current workout program, what would be a good amount of work on a weekly basis? I was thinking about doing light squats 3x/week for 3 sets of 10-12 in the morning and foam rolling that part of the quad daily to help loosen it up. The crackling in my knees has gotten more pronounced and has added a mild amount of swelling, but absolutely no pain.

    Any thoughts?


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    Mike Tuchscherer wrote:
    If you're getting swelling, I would get it checked by a professional. No sense in messing around with it, IMO

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    StabMe wrote:
    My knees are the worst cracking-sound producing machine i've ever seen. I've been struggling with knee pain since about 16 (almost 30 now) and it doesn't gets better. The official diagnosis is oerthoarthrosis or both knee joints. The cartilage is very thin in those joints and i don't do any heavy lower body work. Because when i do (DL or squat) - they just ache too much.

    Well, this post is not about me going pity about myself. I just wanted to share some observation - when my hips are extended, i don't hear any cracking or discomfort if i flex/extend the legs in the knees. The more i flex my hips, the harder and more painful knee extension movement becomes. I am not very good in human physiology, but to me it seems like some imbalance is keeping the knee joint from fuctioning optimally. I don't know what exactly, but to me it seems that it somehow has to do something with tight hips.

    I understand that it is likely a more complicated issue than just a case of very tight hips.

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    NickU wrote:
    Dont ignore the importance of hip mobility, i absolutely think that it can have a huge effect on your knee troubles. If you havent had a serious injury to your knees, and barring super tight calves, your hips are likely at the root of your problem.

    First and foremost, go to a doctor. Specifically if your insurance and wallet can handle it you want to be referred to a sports doctor and/or physical therapist. They will be able to put you on a program that begins to loosen those muscles. However, what you will likely find is that your muscles are tight for a reason. Either an injury that was never properly treated or even as deep as a low spinal injury. Also its important to note that many people hold alot of tension in their hips as a reaction to stress. These are all things you need to discuss with the doctor. Keep prying them to find the route of the cause because tight hips are usually a reaction to something. You can also read my article titled "A logical approach to body mechanics" it talks about body posture awareness and what you can examine in your daily life to help begin actively using those muscles again through correct movements.

    It helped me alot to look forward to doing the perfect squat, instead of breaking PRs.

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    NickU wrote:

    Dont lift on swelling knees, your body is telling you something, listen. Like Mike said, go to a doctor. Additional things that i did that helped balance the muscle was cross training. Besides muscle balance i also had to train my body to start using those muscles again. I even trained for about six months to compete in a triathalon, (sp?) That never really worked out though since years of powerlifting doesnt really make a you great swimmer. But putting my body through motions that caused me to bend and stretch a variety of muscles helped to get things moving again. I found that riding a bike really worked my quads evenly. Good luck and remember fix the problem now before it leads to a worse one.

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    vic616283 wrote:
    If you ever want to pick your triathlon dream back up, look into the "Total Immersion" swimming system. If a fatass like me could swim 2k after 2 weeks of training anyone can. This "system" (I hate that word for some reason, so gimmicky) is basically a series of drills to learn to do freestyle in the most energy efficient way possible and learn how to continue to glide on the water while you rest.

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