Teddih wrote:
I don't really have much to add to the RFD/protocol/forcecurve debate but I would like to add to what Mike wrote earlier. And maby look at this from another angle.

<<He said the reason he programs power work into his training is that it affords his lifters 1) more volume in the competition lifts and 2) a low stress workout where they can get more technique practice in. This makes total sense to me and resonates as far more true than anything about fiber types.>>

I would claim that there is a third reason why a lifter could benefit from power/speed work. I'm a fan of the ATP deficiency theory and I believe that the reason that alot of lifters are pro power/speed work is that they when it comes down to it are doing low stress hypertrophy work. Rather then focusing on RFD I would put power/speed in the same box as myoreps, clustersetts, occlusion training, restpause and so on where atp depletion and muclefiber activation is key.

My 2 cents on the topic