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Thread: Post FAI Surgery and returning to powerlifting

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    Post FAI Surgery and returning to powerlifting

    Eduardo Chile wrote:
    Has anyone dealt with having FAI surgery and coming back to powerlifting? I am recovering from bilateral FAI surgery at the moment, and I really want to get back to the sport of powerlifting.

    My initial thoughts are to find a way to get to squat depth easily.

    Use a higher bar position
    Use weightlifting shoes
    Externally rotated my hips a descent amount
    Try and find a wider stance
    With deadlifting a sumo stance might suit me best. I would be using less hip flexion.
    In both instances, torque would also be minimized since the distance from the hip and center of gravity is shortened.

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    Mike Tuchscherer wrote:
    Have you been able to find any help on this?

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    Eduardo Chile wrote:
    Having really found any resources for this. It's a relatively new diagnosis. I did get told by the doctor lots of hip flexion is bad for it. But I figure any doctor would say that about squatting. Also, all of these studies don't take into account form, technique, foot position, etc. They just do blanket statements. At the end of the day, I think once I can I will try sumo deadlifting, and then try and work into squatting.

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    Jeremy wrote:


    When getting back to squatting this article should be beneficial for you in helping you figure out a good stance width.

    I'd say i'll be folowing you on the FAI surgery soon, I have been reading loads and talking to a lot of people i work with (as i assume you have been) and there isnt a lot on coming back post arthroscope. I did find one case report in an australian physiotehrapy association magazine i suscribe too which was on an olympic level water polo player. Not the same but her results were good, returned to full competition within the year and made the olympic team again.

    If you want i can upload a published case series on conservative management of labral tears that you can glean some information from. Again not a journal article but promising nonetheless.

    I think its important before getting back to full training to look into how you are moving and really dial in your rehab on what you need specifically to get back to where you want to be. May need the help of some therapists for this

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