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Thread: RTS and olympic weighlifting

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    SimonCallander wrote:
    For sure AlexH, ive already begun.
    currenly its early in the competitive season for me so its higher rep work and im its tough, the later reps in the set get hard to control, as the reps drop in the comming weeks im sure the it will be easier to figure out where i am on a RPE scale. Its the no different to anyother thing really, more practice.

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    AlexH wrote:
    be sure to post updates and modifications as im always really interested to see how a competing athlete applies the RTS principles to non-powerlifting sports.

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    Mike Tuchscherer wrote:
    The tendo could measure peak velocity, which might be useful. But it's nice to have a subjective indicator when possible.

    How about kilos in the tank? Why not do a snatch where you say, "Wow, I've definitely got another 10kg" and that's @8 or something? I don't know how accurately you guys can predict that sort of thing, but it would be a useful skill to develop as well.

    You could also come up with a technique rating chart that would be similar to RPE. RPE is tied to effort though. Maybe you could just use technique errors as indicators of higher effort?

    The more I think about it, the more I think the "kilos in the tank" thing is a valid idea. Just use a range to make it a little easier to use.

    I would suggest just tracking your RPE in a normal program for a while and see what kind of scale emerges. Then after you can accurately judge RPE, you can consider using more RTS-style modifications.

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    SimonCallander wrote:
    I agree regarding the subjectivity, it just ruins the flow of a training session when you have to keep looking at a video or computer screen to get your feed back, thats where coaches and training partners are better, its instantainous feed back.
    Currenltly im sticking to my regular % training progams but taking notes of RPE as i go. i think the kilos in the tank is a better way to think about things as its so much more eaiser for me to be able to score something based upon some sort of numeric scale, other wise if find my self in all sorts of grey areas. As to technique errors if i know an error is there but i cant fix it the next rep that would be a ten, even if i can sneak in and get a good lift. I feel its much better for me to base myself on optimal technique of the day rather than max weight with poor habits being practiced.

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