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Thread: distribution of voulme and injuries

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    distribution of voulme and injuries

    rawpower wrote:
    Hey something i have been thinking a lot about. Letīs say we have a given volume in a week on a chosen excerise ie 12 sets of 3 in the benchpress. And lets say the 12 sets of 3 are with 80 % of 1 rep max, so there no change in rpe on a daily basis.

    We can then distribute the volume in many ways. We could do one day with 12 sets of 3 , we could do 2 days with 6 sets of 3 , or even do 4 days with 3 sets of 3, and many other ways the point is the total weekly volume does not change. Let say the warm ups were kept to the minimum needed to not add more stress this way, cause it could play a role if you had to warm up hard 4 days a week vs 1.

    How does this different distribution of the volume impact recovery and chance of injury ? , the reason i post this is i have had lower chance of injury when i distribute the total volume on 2 days a week , i dont know why cause the total weekly stress is the same. I find i quite frustraiting cause i like frequency for performance , whats your inputs on this , hope is did not came across as to confusing

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    Mike Tuchscherer wrote:
    I don't think I have any good data on frequency and injury potential. I do know anecdotally from others that their prior injuries cause less problems when they train very frequently.

    As for how stress plays into that... well, there are a lot of assumptions in your example. Stress might not be the same in those cases even though the volumes are the same. And even if stress is the same, I doubt stress is the only (or even the biggest) factor in injury potential.

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