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Thread: Going to a meet alone

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    Going to a meet alone

    domf3962 wrote:
    I am thinking about going to USAPL masters in May in Orlando,FL. However i will be going alone. This will be the first time I will ever be at a meet by myself. Normally myself and several training partners go together but since it is far and expensive most of the guys can not go. Any advice on how to be a meet on your own.


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    Eduardo Chile wrote:
    I did most of my meets alone.

    I found most of the things in the article helpful,

    The main thing was to have everything ready to go ahead of time. You need to have your warmup weights preplanned to a certain extent. You will need to constantly talk to the meet director to get an idea of when your flight will start. When the flight is listed pay attention to the order and estimate how long it will be before your attempt. I'd estimate about 90 to 100 seconds per lifter.

    I made a table with ranges for each attempt and have it handy when you go to turn in your attempts.

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    miele wrote:
    Are you an equipped lifter? Having someone to handle you during a meet is very beneficial if you are lifting equipped; there is so much to deal with....wraps, straps, shirts.....and not to mention your attempts and timing.

    If you are lifting 'classic' or raw, then you have far less to worry about.....

    Just my thoughts....Best of luck regardless

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    aaron_lohan wrote:
    Ive been to the European Bench press championships on my own, its not so bad, you will usually find someone who can help you get a shirt on or put the straps up on your suit.

    Make sure you plan everything in advance and write your warm up sets and weights down and roughly on what timescale you will take each weight, keep a watch handy.

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