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Thread: Russian classification chart for female lifters?..

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    Russian classification chart for female lifters?..

    dancelot wrote:
    Hi all,

    Is there a female version of the Russian classification chart on this page? http://www.reactivetrainingsystems.c...fication-chart

    I'm coaching a few girls in powerlifting. They're all novices, but I'm curious to know what the female classes are. I've been unable to find the female chart so far.


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    Mike Tuchscherer wrote:
    I've actually not seen a female classification chart. If you find one, post it up please.

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    dancelot wrote:
    No worries, I'll do some more hunting and post it up if I find it.

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    aaron_lohan wrote:
    On one of the russian forums there are up to date charts for male and female powerlifters and bench press specialists, use google translate.

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    Mike Tuchscherer wrote:
    Do you have a link?

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    aaron_lohan wrote:

    Here it is you need to scroll down to the bottom.

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    dancelot wrote:
    Aaron's appears to be the current one.

    I found this:

    Google translate:;_2011г

    All charts back to 1987.

    Mike's chart appears to be a pre-1987 one. 1987 was the year when they made some big changes to the charts, IIRC from Eric Talmant's Progressive Powerlifting seminar.

    With the 2013 chart, it looks like the standards for Classes 3-1 have been dropped massively. I'd be a Class 1 lifter now, but would be Class 3 in Mike's chart. CMS is now the same as the old Class 1. MS is like the old MSIC, and new MSIC looks insanely hard. It's higher than most of the Classic Cup 2012 champion totals. Only Fedosienko achieved it.

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    aaron_lohan wrote:
    The standards are equipped thats why they seem high for MSIC, as far as I know they havent yet developed standards for unequipped lifting.

    Also the totals are low for MS and CMS but that may be a political thing the RPF have done in order to get more funding for their lifters. There has been some controversy about the high numbers of Master of Sports, there seems to be way more MS and CMS' in powerlifting than in other sports.

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