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Thread: Introduce Yourself

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    Introduce Yourself

    I know we had one of these threads on the old forum, but I'm seeing a lot of new people use the site. Please take a minute and introduce yourself: give us a quick rundown of your training history, what your current training goals are, and tell us something interesting about yourself.

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    Hi Bob, All,

    I'm an Irish powerlifter, competing unequipped in the 90 kg weight class in the Irish Drug Free Powerlifting Association at the moment. I'm new to Powerlifting having only competed in a Push/Pull last November and our National Championships this March.
    My training history is approximately 3 years of continuous weight training, with the last 2.5 focused on the powerlifting movements. I trained using Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 template/principles for a little over two years from Oct 2010 until December 2012. I've been experimenting with the basics from the RTS manual since January.

    Currently, my training is for a Deadlift championship in August. My goal is to Deadlift 600 lbs at that competition.

    I work as a Power System Protection Engineer for the Electricity Transmission System Operator in Ireland. I played Hurling until I was 30. Only other Irish user will really be familiar with that sport but it's one of the fastest field sports in the world.

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    Good call Bob!

    Hi all,

    My name is Scott Williamson and I post my training logs on the blogs site of RTS under the name “Scotty1980”
    I am a 32 year old civil engineer and lifter from Brisbane, Australia.

    I have been competitive powerlifting since October 2011. I compete under 83kg division of raw powerlifting (IPF) around twice per year. I have had numerous sports in the past and some of which have caused me injuries to which I needed various surgeries. My latest and greatest battle and success was three shoulder reconstructions (2 x left and 1 right shoulder) in November 2010. It took almost one year to be in a position to compete however I’m glad to have done so. This means i've had 7 surgical operations since my birth!! Hahaha you could say I enjoy the more aggressive sports life has to offer

    Along the way, I’ve met some awesome guys and this sport has some of the highest aspects of comradely I’ve ever experienced. What I’ve noticed ethically is that respect and understanding is very transparent between just about all lifters knowing what it takes to be where you are...

    My motto is “Speed + Strength = Power, and power is directly proportional to your effort”. This extends to my determination in this sport.

    I am lucky to have been referred to RTS and am currently in WEEK 3 of my training under Mike T.

    Cheers and all the best to you all,

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    This is a vid I took a few months ago. 225 or about 55% of max.I was wearing wrestling shoes then, I have switched to Nike Romeleo Olympic shoes since.

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    Trebin - New guy here

    Hey what's up everyone. I was recommended by David Bates to come check out this site. I have done one cycle of Sheiko 29 and had great gains and he recommended that I come here and see what is going on.I am still in the beginning stages of seeings what up here. I have been lifting almost 3 years now and as of last July I moved in to training strongman. I am no where close to where I want to be but I do have a lot of fun training with strongman implements etc. Right now my lifts are as follows:

    Bench: 300 (last time I tested)
    Squat: 405
    Deadlift: 515
    OHP: Strict - 205 Push Press 260

    I am 32 w/ 2 kids and one on the way and will be here in December. I work for the DoD and I am in information security. I train sometimes out of Slater's Hardware on the weekends but mostly train out of a local gym.

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    Hello everyone,
    My name is James Wilson and I am in the USAPL with the State of Florida and I absolutely love it. I'm in the 275 weight class and currently training for the RAW national Championships in July. I work for the Lee County Sheriffs Office in Corrections. I am married with two awesome little boys so I have to train with time constraints. I love to powerlift. I strive to better myself but I have issues with my nutrition basically because of the lack of knowledge. My best quat is 468, bench is 341 and deadlift is 507. My training now contains more frequency and intensity with less volume. I have seen some major gains so far as i will probably open up close to my PR's in all three categories. Wish me luck and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to participate.


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    Hey guys, welcome to the RTS forum, and thanks for taking a minute to introduce yourself.

    Trebin - good to have another strongman type here. Tell Steve Slater I said "Hi".

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    Hi guys!

    Marco Millul from Florence, Italy! I work for Nuovo Pignone, a part of GE, in the Oil&Gas sector.

    I've discovered PL in early 2009, and never looked back. I've had a couple of injuries and way to many program jumps, but I've been with Mike since mid February this year and I've been seeing nothing but PRs all across the board since!

    I lift in the Italian affiliate to the IPF, the FIPL, in single ply gear, -83 class.

    Well' I've benched over 400 for the 1st time yeaterday, so now I'm looking forward to get over the 500 mark in both the squat and DL!

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    hi my name is oli , i am from germany , 35 years old and bw is 112-113 kg . i lift weights for more than 17 years . i began with bb training influenced by dorian yates , and changed to powerlifting using westside training . now i have experience with westside , texas method , 5/3/1 and try to learn more about rts . i always lift raw at meets , no matter if its a raw or a equipped one.

    my best lifts are

    squat 260 kg gymlift and 255 kg comp

    bench 165 paused gym lift and ...only 155 kg comp

    deadlift 270 kg x 8 beltless (531) and 300 kg at a competition

    my goals are to increase my weakest lift , the benchpress .

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