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Thread: Introduce Yourself

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    Hello my name is Roy, I'm a dairy farmer by occupation and I've been raw powerlifting for about 5 years.

    105kg bodyweight, best comp lifts 225kg squat, 157.5kg bench and 257.5kg deadlift.

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    Hi Everyone -

    Quick introduction! I am new to powerlifting and it was a totally random coincidence. I was working out in the gym when a really old guy walked up to me and said, hey kid you should powerlift. I had no clue what he was talking about. So googled it and next day at the gym, I kept increasing my weight on the barbell and was surprised how strong I was. This was in Dec 2013 and rest is history. I am ADDICTED to powerlifting. I cant wait to see my strength gains. I have in just matter of weeks made huge strength gains. Everything I did was self-taught but now I am ready to step up my game and that is why I am here. Looks like RTS has a waiting list

    I am competing for my first ever meet July 19th and then another one Aug 9. I only started seriously training 8 weeks ago.

    My current weight is 96# and my 1 rep maxes are SQ:160, DL:192 BE:92

    My goals are: SQ:250+, DL: 300+ BE:120+

    Looking forward to making friends here and learning.


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    Great site and forum!

    Name is Gale. 40yo home gym trainee. Used to be an athlete and then a Coach. Now, weight training has become my competitive outlet.

    I began training in 2009 at 170lbs and 20%ish bf. Today, I am 175 at 10%.

    Have used Starting Strength, Madcows 5x5, etc. Have also ran Coan-Philippi DL Program up to a 500x1 Max out. Repeated that same lift last year using John Hudson's DL Program.

    Bench has remained relatively the same forever. Have only gotten up to 290x1 tng when I was 195lbs.
    Squatting is my nemesis as I always run into injury problems once I am repping around three plates (low back, patellar tendons, etc)

    Anyways, fatigue has always been my biggest issue in the weight room. Planning a Powerbuilder program based on RPEs and Fatigue Percentages. Going to go back to Low Bar Squatting and going to use Paused Squats, etc to slowly build stability at the bottom.

    Anyways, thanks for the RTS methods....very good tools.

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    Hello Everyone,

    This is Max, newbie here. Nice to meet you all. Hope we'll get in touch.

    All the best.

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    What's going on guy?

    I'm Rob. I have been reading about RTS and slowly but surely implementing some of the concepts starting around January this year. It's been a process as it requires a lot of thought and understanding, plus it evolves(rightfully so). I own the book and have lurked here for months now. I have been powerlifting about 2 years(did bro what ever workouts with no clear goal for a few years prior) and I competed 3 times. Totals started at 935, then 1050, and in June I got 1105. Been progressing. I'm here to learn and help others in the strength community.

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    Calgary, AB

    I am Ziv from Calgary, AB. I started lifting 3 years ago, at 32. For the first year I was just finding my way in the gym and figuring out what I wanted to do. Powerlifting seemed like the best choice, because it has the easiest diet to follow. I am new to the RTS methodology but from what I see/read/hear it's worth a try.

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    Name is Tim from sydney Australia.

    Reasonably new to RTS. Actually have a log on here...but feel.i have a great handke on it. 3 years experience in PL training.
    Progress kept stalling due to injuries always trying to "hit thw nunbers on the sheet!". Decided it was time for a new approach, so here I am.

    Going well so far. Started by getting used to recognizing what RPEs felt like, and using fatigue percents with al my accessory work on my old linear programs for about 20 weeks (2 10 week cycles). Then got into the generalized intermediate program, once confident I knew what I feeling haha. Now implementing the basic template of volume followed by intensity blocks but with my own setup, which is still very similar the generalized program.

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    I am a 23 year old student of veterinary medicine from Germany. I have been training alone for 3 years in my basement for fun and am now looking to get into powerlifting.
    I weigh 86 kg and my best lifts are a 230kg deadlift, 200kg squat and 150 kg bench.

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    Hello everyone!

    I'm currently in my final year of university, studying law.

    Everyone seems to be posting their stats, so here goes mine:

    Age: 23
    Height: 193cm (6'4)
    Weight: 105kg (231lbs)

    Best Competition Lifts
    Squat: 212.5kg (468lbs)
    Bench Press: 170kg (375lbs)
    Deadlift: 240kg (529lbs)

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    Hello RTS,

    I have competed in unequipped, single ply, and multiply powerlifting over the last seven years. My concentration right now is unequipped full meets in the USAPL. I purchased the RTS Manual and I'm currently working on incorporating Mike's philosophy into my own training.

    Age: 34
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 265
    Best Squat Unequipped: 518
    Best Bench Unequipped: 379
    Best Deadlift Unequipped: 655

    I've read a lot of the discussions on the forum and find it to be a great resource. I look forward to participating.

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