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Thread: Introduce Yourself

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    Hey Everyone:

    My name is Matty, and am now in my 21st week training with Mike T and the RTS style. I am kind of a late bloomer to Power-lifting having started when I was 35 and will be 38 in December. I have found a passion for it and just completed my 4th meet on 6/9/13 with a 1275 total a plus 40 since my prior meet. I have found that Reactive Training Systems has opened my eyes to a style of training that I never considered but now realize its the way to train for me. Im in it for the long haul and hope to break 1300 before the end of the year.

    My current best lifts on the platform are 420 Squat, 325 Bench and 540 Dead.

    I Hail from New York City am Married with 2 kids and 2 dogs

    Good Luck to all
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    Steve Shafley. 40 something. Longtime strength enthusiast. Done PL, OL, Strongman, Highland kettlebell sport as well. Mediocre at all.

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    Hello everyone. My name is Jack Irving. I'm 20 years old from Melbourne Australia and started weight training when I was about 16. I stopped after I finished highschool due to loss of motivation and maybe went 4 times during the two year period until this year. ON Jaurary 1st I returned with the focus of getting fit again. But it was only until 6 months had passed that I really realized "Hey, I haven't actually done anything". So I kicked myself back into gear and since then everything has been great. I got between 1-3 times a week based off of other commitments and my gains have been great. I'm really interested in getting some coaching to improve my dead lift, squat and press.

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    Welcome to the forum, guys, and thanks for taking a moment to introduce yourself. Even if you've been here a while, getting a little bio is nice.

    Chris L.: thanks man.

    Shaf: don't be so humble. You've played a key role in my development as a strength athlete over the years we've known each other, and you've done well in your pursuits. I suspect you've influenced a whole lot of lifters. Just one small example is your work on ladders - how many people has that helped? I'm glad to see you over here, man.

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    great site

    mainly bench in older years, trying to get back to official competition.
    best raw bench 330 at bw 173 best single bench at 175 407 my opener in NAPF
    have had some decent multiply and other lifts attached is raw bench last year unsanctioned touch-n-go local meet.
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    Hey everyone,
    I'm currently a 3rd year physical therapy student in TN and have been powerlifting (or at least trying to) for about 2 1/2 years now with a brief dive into Olympic Lifting. I discovered long legs and a short torso aren't so great for oly lifting and decided to focus on powerlifting full time. Have only done two local deadlift meets. One was suppose to be push-pull but I had an pec strain that set me back about a month before so I just deadlifted. Best DL is 515 in the 220 lbs weight class. Best Squat is 405 (last week) after running a 10 week cycle of the Cube Method by Brandon Lilly. Bench is nothing to speak about. I've been dealing with elbow epicondylitis for going on 7 months now. For the first 3-4 months, it would get better and then jump back in just a little too soon and flare it up again and worse each time. Now I can only reverse grip bench without pain and if I go to heavy even on reverse grip my elbow lets me know a few hours later. The worst part is that I can't tell while I'm doing it if it's going to flare up, only a few hours after.

    Anyways, what has called me to join and run RTS is that I wanted to change a few things with the Cube but nothing huge. About the time I was planning on designing a new cube template, Mike T posted the link to Mark Robb's (?) project intensity log where he is running intensity week, volume week, then deload. This seems close to how the cube is set up except the deload is heavier than speed days and obviously since this came from the Chinese Weightlifting coach, it was around long before the cube. I have also ran an RTS overlay onto a Westside template which took my squat from 335-385 in 5 weeks (this was after the 515 DL so I obviously had plenty to gain on the squat and plenty of back strength) so I believe in the RTS system. I haven't purchased the RTS manual but I plan to once I graduate. I've got less than a year left and my wife and I are expecting a daughter in Oct so money's tight right now. I plan on starting a blog so that perhaps there can be an additional case study to this 3 week microcycle set up. I'm extremely pumped and will perhaps lay out my plan in the blog as well. I just finished the intensity week and now have 11 weeks left. Glad to be here.

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    Hi everyone. I am very intrigued with RTS and received Mike's book in the mail a few days ago. I've tried many different programs, with mixed results, but always ended up stalling out/burning out.

    I'm a 35 yo, married with two little girls, and they take up most of my time. I tried Max-OT prior to starting strength, About 5 years ago, I got into Starting Strength. It really changed my mindset on everything: goals, lifting heavier weights to get stronger, not worrying about my aesthetics as much. I moved onto 5/3/1 after exhausting linear progression. At the end of last year, I cut about 30 lbs, and began to reset all my lifts.

    Unfortunately, I've always been a bit disappointed with my lift results and 1RM. My current lifts are nothing to write home about, but I just got back into the gym after moving in late April of this year. Current 1RM's: Bench - 230, BS - 275, DL - 375, Press - 170, all at/around 215 lbs BW.

    I'm excited to finally create programming that is truly custom for me. I may not be ready for the RTS system as of yet. I've been lifting weights since I was 20, but didn't have any direction or proper instruction until I turned 28/29. I still am learining something new every day...

    Short term goals are a 200 press, 300 bench, 400 squat, and 500 DL; participating in a PL completition, and to stay as injury free as possible. I'm hoping RTS will take me over the hump, but I need to fully understand it and acclimate myself. I appreciate any advice/help that anyone has to offer.

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    Hey Everyone,

    My name is Paul Hughes, I'm from Hazard, Kentucky. I attend Morehead State University studying Exercise Physiology. I am 21 years old. 6'2 245lbs. I have competed in both strongman and power lifting. I won the NAS Beast of the Bluegrass Strongman Heavyweight Novice. My best lifts are a 675 dead lift, 585 squat, 425 bench, 275 strict press. My current 1rm are lower because I dropped about 20lbs and got lean. I've tried many programs and never seemed to sit well with me. I made almost all progress on my instinctive training. I think RTS allows me to keep my instincts in the training while putting a guide rail around me to stay on track. I don't understand it 100%, yet. When I get the training manual in I should have a good grasp on the concept. Looking forward to seeing my numbers go on the RISE!!

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    Hey everyone!

    Completely new here. I've purchased the Mike T bundle and the squat and deadlift technique bundle. I am somewhat familiar with how RPE works and have been using it on my current workout just to get accustomed to being honest with myself on an intra workout basis.

    A little more about me and my goals: I am 23 from Louisville,KY and only been lifting 2 years. I've lost 140lbs and eventually had to have surgery to remove loose skin on my stomach. So basically, lifted 1 year...had surgery...lost all gains and started over lol. I'm super excited to learn more about RTS and implement the structure of these methods into my workout templates. I have a goal geared more on the hypertrophy side, however I do want to compete in a PL meet within the next year.

    Hope everyone is doing well,

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    rju103 - 35 "yo" -- are you a medical person? only medical people do that!

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